About Us

If you could change Haiti to become a stronger country with more opportunities, what would you want to see happen? This question is the one that we asked ourselves when discovering Vision 1804's purpose. In that vision, we believe that education is the core value that will strengthen Haiti. This vision was seen by two college students by the name of Darline Gilson, and Briana Thezard. These two ambitious Haitian students wanted to make a difference in Haiti by helping to have the same opportunity as kids in America. With this idea, they reached out to others to be apart of this group in order to make this vision a reality, and they named it Vision 1804.  Vision 1804 is composed of  dedicated and inspired people who have come together in order to make a change in Haiti. Our mission is to impact the lives of others by assisting students who are unable to afford an education to have an opportunity to receive the proper education. Not only does Vision 1804 want to better Haiti one student at a time, but we will donate medical supplies to organizations in Haiti for students to receive check ups before the school year begins. In order to make this all possible we will need the help of others, like you. By donating to our cause, you will make this vision become a reality.

Founders & Co-founder:

Darline Gilson


Briana Thezard


Lesly Maxineau


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